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Where is a good martial arts kung fu, taekwondo class that is a great cardio/strength workout in north Chicago

Looking for a great evening class in the northside of chicago or skokie-evanston area. Somewhere that is reasonably priced and an effective workout.|||Hello Lori !

While you%26#039;re waiting for someone to post a more specific contact information regarding your search. If you%26#039;re serious enough I suggest the following step for you to take.

First thing you have to do is check your local yellow pages or phone book, look for the all the available schools your area has to offer.

If you%26#039;re not in the area yet, call someone you know in the local area to scan, mail or list the martial arts section on the yellow page and have them sent to you.

The reason I always suggest to look in the phone book first is due to the fact you%26#039;re pretty much searching for a school in your local area. You may even find one a few blocks down from you. Using the phone book as your first step will make your search faster and easier because all the information such address and phone number are available for you right there.

Secondly, if you are not having any success with this type search, After all the vigorous research on styles and decided on a particular style of martial arts. Try contacting an organization of that particular style on the internet and ask if they can refer schools or instructors available in your local area.

Please note that there are good number of good instructors that do not advertise or teach for commercial purpose thus you won%26#039;t see them advertise anywhere. They are mostly located in private gyms or community centers. Just them a call and even if they don%26#039;t have a program ask to see who they can refer you to.

One last thing, I don%26#039;t mean to sound abrasive, but If the above suggestion is too much work for you, then the probability of you being serious in joining a martial arts school is less than zero. I am sorry to say this but, there%26#039;s plenty of answerer%26#039;s here that wants to sincerely help you in your quest, but you have to do your part.

Hope this helps and good luck with your search.

Is my taekwondo school good in a street fight?

Its traditional korean martial arts(tkd,hapkido) i was wondering if would help me in a street fight.

Oh and also my Master is a 8th degree and he was brought to America to train marines.

So i want a someone to tell if i can defend my self in a situation|||Okay. You need to ask yourself these questions to know whether your TKD is good in a street fight.

- What is your school affiliated with? ITF? or WTF? ITF is more geared towards the spiritual aspects of TKD and is far more practical than WTF as WTF is more geared towards the sporting side. On another note, WTF tends to be flashier than ITF. However, this alone doesn%26#039;t determine whether you whether it would be good in a street fight, but it provides a indication

- How long have you studied? The longer you have studied to better you will be. This is my favourite quote, %26quot;Perfection is not achieved when there is nothing to add, but when there is nothing to take away.%26quot; If you train long enough so that you no longer have to think of the movements before you perform then, your ability to protect yourself is greatly improved.

- Do you do a lot of sparring? If so, when you spar do your opponents fight at full speed? This sort of training will develop your footwork and movements not to mention, most importantly, your reaction time

Every style approaches particular situations differently. The different thoughts and feelings behind the style, more or less determine how they would act, for example an aikido practitioner wouldn%26#039;t approach a fight the same way a boxer would. However, with this being said I don%26#039;t believe that it’s the style that determines how well it would work in a street fight situation; I believe it’s the martial artist. This reminds me of something I heard once, “One may train for 10 years but only have 1 year of experience.” It all depends how committed you are, how determined you are to train. This in the end will determine whether you will be good in a street fight situation, not the style.|||Ummm really there are too many variables... I would say 95% yeah it will help.... How long have you been studying? It%26#039;s not like you can take a %26quot;seminar%26quot; in TKD and be an effective fighter... It really takes a couple years for the %26quot;instinct%26quot; to take over, and from that point on you only get better exponentially... Just curious... is it Chung Do Kwan? (that%26#039;s what I learned).. anyway... After 5 years or so you will be able to handle yourself against (pretty much, but there are always exceptions) any untrained person.... And I have seen some 20 plus year guys, I wouldnt have a chance against no matter what other style I learned.... But there arts that will make you a good fighter faster|||To answer your question its really not so much about the art in of itself as it is the person that trains in that art.You have to consider a few things. 1 did you receive good instruction.2 How serious do you train. 3 was your training self defense or sport training. Old school Tae Kwon Do is very formitable but like I said before it depends on the practioner. And theres and old saying to consider. Its not the size of the dog in the fight.but the size of the fight in the dog. If you seriously trained hard you can defends yourself very easily..and no Im not a TKD student either. just a 15 year martial artist.|||It%26#039;s not the art, it%26#039;s the artist.|||yes|||The only way you can genuinely say you can defend yourself is if you truly believe it, 100%.|||no because tkd is mainly abt flasy kick....for street fight u need to have good knowledge on balance,puch n kick....i would say muay thai is best for street fight coz its designed to destroy the opponent with its powerfull kicks ,knees and elbows.....muay thai was designed for have also proven itself when tested against many other arts....and the main thing is sparring.....muay thai is full contatc sparring....hope this will help u|||do you spar or at least do the higher belts spar alot? does your instructor teach you moves that arent flashy, and are practical(no jumping spinning tornado kicks)? When you spar is it full speed or at least very close full speed with a resisting opponent. If you answered yes to these questions then yes you are gaining skills in which can help you if needed to defend yourself|||no... I was a purple belt in Korean Tae kwondo and I learned very quickly that even if you are fast, you miss a high kick in a street fight, you better know some ground fighting (I do) I also find it strange that a Taekwondo instructor would train Marines... I am a marine and well versed in several styles and mcmap (marine corps martial arts program) and kicks above the thigh are almost outlawed (not practical) as well as many of the moves which are used in the do. In otherwords I don%26#039;t know what they used your instructor for, but that seems strange to me. ( I am not calling him a liar, just pointing out the weirdness of it) we mainly train in Jui Jitsui (sp probly) of the Brazilian style (what you see on UFC) Alright, that is it.

PMJ|||o yeah.

I take Taekwondo and was accidentally kicked in the face. It hurt a little my nose but now it's fine. ?

I don%26#039;t have a headache or a nosebleed or anything. Will it be okay or should I ice it?|||Ops, get out of the way. Yes Ice the first 10 min. than stop the Ice. I like

Top of the list for bruises. We make our own concoctions at our school from Chinese herbs that work great. We only have enough for our students as we make the stuff by hand. If I%26#039;m out of my regular supply I use the %26quot;arnicare gel%26quot; especially if I have to go out to a show or dinner as the Chinese herb remedies smell bad.

Wow bet you learned an important lesson about the importance of block and parry.||| Yes use ice to keep it from swelling.That is one thing in TKD,when sparring,they can kick to the face,not punches to face.Kicks are stronger especially the back/spinning back kicks,all Korean MAs.|||wow i take punches and kicks to the face all the times you should be okay. Keep your hands up to avoid next time. If it hurts you should put ice on it|||No swelling or bleeding or broken nose, you should be fine. Just block next time.|||well it hurts being hit yeah ice will probably be good but it shouild be fine if there is no blood|||Since you took the kick to the face pretty good how bout you punch yourself for asking that Just Kidding|||if there is no swelling the you will be fine. just block better or duck faster|||What do a pretty girl like you doing in a place like that?|||you%26#039;ll be fine|||if its hurts you should use ice

Where can i find affordable classes in taekwondo in NYC?

I understand you get what you pay for so i%26#039;ve decided to stay away from some places because while they are cheap they don%26#039;t seem very good. I%26#039;m 19 yrs old and have no kind of past martial arts experience. I%26#039;m looking for adult begginer classes preferably in manhattan. I don%26#039;t really plan on seeing it thee whole way through. I%26#039;m just looking to move up a couple belts and feel like i can defend myself. After which belt would i most likely be able to succefully defend myself against would be attackers on the street? I%26#039;m not looking to be a black belt just do a year or two or however long it would take me to have the skill necessary to fend off attacker.|||TKD is not what you need.

Also, anywhere in Manhattan, you are going to pay alot because to run a school there is veeeerrrry expensive.

If you want to learn defense, you should study Jujutsu. Most people here seem to think Brazilian Jujutsu is the only way to go. I disagree. I have nothing against it, just that there are so many arts that teach grappling. What they do is floor grappling, which is just a small part of it.

Japanese Jujutsu is true self defense. In some places, you can learn a whole curriculum in 2-3 years.

Send me a message and I will point you to a great school in NYC. It%26#039;s my hometown.|||Don%26#039;t listen to the guy above. Take whatever you think you%26#039;d be better off using. JuiJitsu ain%26#039;t gonna do junk for you if its a group fight. Its very well suited for 1on1s however.

What's the difference between Karate, Judo, Taekwondo and all the rest?

I have no idea whats the differences are...

:) Thanks :)|||My advice is to check out different places and take trial classes. Find an instructor you like and a place you enjoy going to, and the style really becomes secondary.

Here is a breakdown of some common martial arts:

Aikido - uses opponents momemtum and strength against them, redirecting the force, instead of blocking the force. Never engaging strength against strength. Aikido is very defensive.

Judo - Olympic sport, opponents are more engaged with each other and try to use leverage and balance to throw their opponent. Judo is closer to wrestling, there are no punches, no kicks, all throws. You are mostly standing until you are thrown. After a throw, you usually get back up and start over.

Ju-Jitsu (Brazilian and Japanese) - Brazilian ju-jitsu is more of a grappling, ground fighting system, where the object is to submit your opponent through joint locks (such as an armbar or kimura) or you can choke your opponent out by getting in a dominant position and using a combination of your arms and or legs to choke them (triangle choke uses legs, rear choke uses arms). Your opponet %26quot;taps%26quot;, to signal his submission and the match is over.

Karate - Karate originates in Okinawa, but many styles were adopted and modified in Japan. There are many different types of Karate (Shotokan, Gen-wa-ki, Kempo, Kenpo, Kyokoshin, Goju, Isshin-Ryu). Karate also usually incorporates weapons training into it%26#039;s system using the traditional Budo weapons (Staff, Nunchaku, Tonfa, Kama, Sai). Empty hand Karate utilized punches and kicks and the training usually involves serious %26quot;toughening%26quot; of your entire body.

Kendo is sword/stick fighting. They where a type of armor/face shield and fight with bamboo swords.

Tae Kwon Do - TKD is almost like 3 different martial arts. TKD comes from Korea. It is is an official Olympic sport and some TKD practitioners train exclusively in this version of the art. TKD is also a practical self defense system that is utilized by the Korean military and secret police. It is often taught in conjunction with another Korean martial art called Hapkido, which uses small joint (wrist, fingers, ankles) manipulation and submission tactics. There are also different types of TKD, such as Moo Du Kwan or Han Mu Kwan. One of the unique things about TKD is that they have a global governing body that unifies all of the forms (Poomse or Kata) and standards required for promotion. So let%26#039;s say you are a blue belt or %26quot;5th Geup%26quot; in Korea, you are learning the exact same form as a blue belt in California, or Europe, or anywhere else in the world. TKD is also unique in that it%26#039;s ratio of kicking techniqes to hand techniqes is about 80% kicking to 20% hand techniques.

Kung Fu/Tai Chi - Chinese in origin. Although Tai Chi can be used in self defense, it is primarily used as exercise around the world. It is believed by many that there are many unexplainable health benefits in practicing Tai Chi. The Chinese believe that all life has an inner force called %26quot;Chi%26quot;. Tai Chi is a means of channelling and releasing one%26#039;s Chi and therefore reaping the benefits.

The concept of Chi is not exclusive to Tai Chi. It is part of all types of Chinese Kung Fu and is known as %26quot;Ki%26quot; in Japanese and Korean martial arts. The concept is typically considered part of all traditional martial arts.

Hope this helps....

James|||Karate is mainly controlled kicks, punches and fists, a %26quot;hitting%26quot; martial art as taekwondo is, but the second is much more focused on kicks.

Judo is throws, armbars chokes and controlling positions on the ground.

Aikido is lighter, cleaner and more artististic, mainly focused on defense and armbars or other leverage.

Ju-jitsu is the whole lot before being divided and especially developed in the aforesaid martial arts.

Budo includes all these japanese arts plus weapon arts as Kendo, swords and other, mainly all that deriving from the ancient techiniques from the samurai which later turned into martial arts between the end of 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century.

Each martial art has several styles depending on the school or grandmaster.|||Just like religions they all have different interpretations on the same theme|||Perhaps if you narrowed that question down a little you would have a better chance of getting a definitive answer.|||Its like food, everybody has different taste.|||They each have there own techniques and rules.|||OK Tae Kwon Do and Karate are considered a striking Martial Art while Judo is a Grappling Art.

But Karate and Tae Kwon Do, also do grappling as well but their main focuses is on the striking part of the art. While the opposite is the thing for Judo. So of the other Striking Martial Arts that you might of heard of are Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Boxing, Savat and the Kung Fu styles (there are many kung fu styles)

While some well know grappling arts are Akido, Brazilian Jiu - Jitsu, Judo, Sumo and Wrestling (not WWE and that other fake stuff).

I consider Tai Chi to be a bit of the both so it is a bit hard to fit it in with one focus or the other so I think I%26#039;ll leave Tai Chi as a bitser (one of both).

Here is a link that will tell you a lot about all the Martial arts that I have told you about as well as some more, Have a look.|||The difference is in how much each style venerate the progenitors of their style, usually along racial, nationalistic terms; based of course on far eastern cultures of ancestor worship. These stories range from the probable - %26quot;He was a good soldier- to the improbable- %26quot;He could fire a Chi ball and knock out an army%26quot;. For a western example, North American Karate worship the 10th degree black belt more than anything, so everyone gets to create their own style to become one. Bruce Lee took Kung Fu (Gung Fu) from his ancestors and made great movies, now he himself is venerated beyond all rationality. (who would win, a Tsunami or Bruce Lee ect....)

Taekwondo is a Korean placebo designed to help raise nationalistic self esteem, caught between so many competing Asian cultures, so Korea sent out lots of 8 to 10 degree black belts to teach, but this is of course based on Japans sponsorship for Judo a generation ago.

Current fads to study are Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA legends in the making. Clearly noble heroes who will have extinguished volcanoes and subdued global warming, and united humanity with their ground grappling skills, according to their deeply devoted disciples in just a few years time.

Basically all are vehicles by which tough guys needing to test their manhood and prove validity, as has been the case since caveman days. (much like how peopel act on blogs)

IMO you might be better served if you were to check out Gates Jitsu, or Buffet Kwon Do, or Trump Chi if you really want to raise your self esteem, ward off bullies or impress the ladies. You might not be a killing machine but with enough practice you will transcend culture and nationalistic ego with your VISA limit, and you can always buy a well trained and style indoctrinated thug when you need your dirty work done. Its always been that way.

I used bleach on my childrens taekwondo uniforms, now they look less white- how do I fix?

I put about half a cup of bleach into the bleach dispenser of my washing machine. I put the worn once uniforms in the wash on cold, now they appear less vibrant, more of a faint tint to them. HELP!!! How can I remedy?|||Some fabrics,even whites,you can%26#039;t bleach. They probably have a small amount of a synthetic in them and bleach will discolor them. Try some of that new OxyClean powder that may help. At least thats what they say it will do.|||Get a new uniform or a white die from rit. Report Abuse
|||add 1 cup of vinegar next time you wash them and they will come out clean and vibrant.