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How long does it take to earn a blackbelt in Taekwondo?

Assuming you go to class twice a week.|||Your first black belt should be about 3-5 years (closer to 3).

A black belt does not mean that you have mastered the art. It simply means that you know the basics of the art and can now begin different and harder training.

The life of a martial artist doesn%26#039;t stop at black belt, thats where it begins. Martial arts is a life time thing. If you really love it you will do it all of your life and rank won%26#039;t mean a thing.|||Ok...Well, I took TaeKwonDo for 5 years and I made it to red-black belt( that is the belt under black belt) And at my old school, you had to test everything you knew from white belt to red-black belt stuff to receive your black belt.

Karate is different than TKD. I admitt there are similarities. Report Abuse
|||I do not do Taekwondo myself, I study Kempo. Although my son did Taekwondo and got his black belt in 5 years. In Kempo it takes 4 1/2 to 5 years to make black belt at the soonest. I agree with some of the other people who have answered about not trying to focus on getting your black belt too soon. What has worked good for me is working towards my next belt and always going to class. Good luck to you.|||Depends on how long you practice and your natural ability. If you go to a place that promises a black belt in 2 years, walk right out. A belt doesn%26#039;t mean diddly if you don%26#039;t have the experience behind it, and two years of 2-3 hours a week isn%26#039;t enough time to build the experience you need.|||TKD is a black belt machine here in CA, especially West Coast TKD. You can earn a black belt in 3 years. Most traditional martial arts AVERAGE 7-10 years for a black belt. TKD passes out black belts to 7-10 year olds.|||I train twice a week, and with the WTF (world Taekwondo Federation) style, we have grading every 3 months and it takes 2 and a half years to go from white to Black.|||It depends largely on the school you attend. The school I attend had time limitations to teach patience and discipline. Even those who are skilled and learn quickly could not earn their first degree black belt for six years. Personally I found this refreshing, and when I did earn my belt after six years, I felt I was truly prepared, both mentally and physically.

Unfortunately, I have seen schools that promote very quickly. We had a guest that attended a few of our classes that got his belt after a little over a year. He was like a fish out of water and knew very little. Hopefully this is rare and most schools take their time so that when you do earn your black belt, you feel that you have the proper groundwork and feel great pride in all that you%26#039;ve accomplished.|||Black Belt is simply a rank given by an external grading body.

If your question is, %26quot;How long before i get a certificate that i can frame?%26quot; or, %26quot;How long till punching a person can get me an %26#039;assault with a deadly weapon%26#039; charge?%26quot; then the answer is: now. I will draw you up a certificate of completion of Rex Kwan Do and you can show it to all your friends.

However, if you are asking, %26quot;How long until I can look myself in the mirror and have the pride of knowing I am one of the few people who deserves this rank i just earned?%26quot; then the answer is: it is up to you. Only you can decide when you have learned enough to progress. If you feel you are ready, if you can look around you and see that you are no longer suited to the belt you have, then you should take the test, and if that feeling was right, you will pass.

I have known people who ran through a program, learning only what it took to pass the pre-fab examination. They got to black belt, went out and celebrated, and were promptly beat down at their first black belt tournament.

On the flip side, I know someone who trained daily in long-fist style kung fu for eight years, and even when his master told him he was better than any of her black belt (equivalent, their club didn%26#039;t use belts, just rankings) students, he refused to accept the honors, because he felt he had not reached a point where he deserved them.|||many years.

depends on your current rank|||It varies from school to school. A mine it takes at least three years and six months, training at least twice a week, to be allowed to take a black belt grading.

As for TKD being a black belt machine, I don%26#039;t find that to be true. While more people pass there black belt gradeing than fail, it is not easy and many people fail.|||it depends on how well you perform i in Taekwondo and at the minimum rate from white to black i could take 2 years but no one can do that that quick and it usually takes 4-6 years going 3 times a week.|||Have you ever heard the %26quot;Try Harder%26quot; story? The moral of the story is that if you have one eye at the %26quot;end of the path%26quot;, it only leaves you with one eye to walk the path. You%26#039;ll need both eyes to walk the path. Splitting your focus will only slow you down.

That said, the amount of time needed varies by individual. A black belt is supposed to represent a beginning level in the understanding of mastery of skills. Some people will take longer than others. Focus on your own progress and be wary of the black belt mills.|||to jujitsu fan, TKD doesn%26#039;t allow 7-10 year olds to get black belt, matter in fact they can%26#039;t get black belts until they are 17 or 18 years old officially. they are given black red belt, with a title poom. i should know i had the poom for the last 9 years. (i really should get that changed...)

for me, and i trained in korea when i was a kid, it took me about 3 years. it really depends on the dojang, but i can%26#039;t see american TKD dojang taking even longer than korean one. unless the master there is real traditionalist or a really good master who pushes his/her students.|||there is usually 4 promotional gradings every year. to get to black belt, u%26#039;ll need to pass 10 of them. it will take about 2 and a half years if you have good memory and the rgiht kind of attitude. however, most people would take 3 years because when they get to brown belt, they will need more time to prepare for the next grading as they would need to know more things.|||lol who cares belts are for holdin your pants up lol what are u gonna scared someone away with a pretty belt|||1st degree or the highest 9th degree??

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