Saturday, May 15, 2010

Taekwondo sparring- How to score points if I'm short?

Basically, I%26#039;m everything that a taekwondo sparrer should not be. I%26#039;m a red belt, but only 5%26#039;2%26quot; and I like to wear a chest guard that is a size too big for me. The positive thing is that I%26#039;m pretty quick on my feet and I have good technique.

So... shorter guys- how do you score points against bigger and stronger opponents? and taller guys- in which way do you get scored on by little guys like me?|||-%26gt;Use fakes and feigns to work your way %26quot;inside%26quot;; then nail them with good hand techniques!

-%26gt;Good kick combos will set them up as well as stomping the foot before kicking (they will %26quot;flinch%26quot;, telling you what their counter is going to be when you rush!). Nail the opening.

-%26gt;Basically, you are going to have to %26quot;manipulate%26quot; the opponent into relinquishing his guard by some sort of %26quot;trickery%26quot; that will allow you to move %26quot;inside%26quot; where their advanced reach is of no value.

-%26gt;Learn to be a better %26quot;counter-fighter%26quot;; let THEM move first, creating the opening that you in turn exploit!

-%26gt;With people who %26quot;rush%26quot;, learn to move laterally; nail them as they pass by.

---%26gt;As Larry The Cable Guy says, %26quot;I could do this all day!!!%26quot;.

Seriously, %26quot;I%26#039;ve got a million of them%26quot;; e-mail me.|||Hey, I%26#039;m a red belt black stripe in TKD and i learned this last week;

if they are taller than you, DONT give them distance. That makes it very difficult to score for the taller person. Make sure to keep your hands up, always block. I was getting whooped by a really tall guy last week, and I heard someone say Don%26#039;t give them distance! so i got all up in their face if you know what I mean, hehe. That turned the fight around and even though I still lost it was closer. |||First off throw away the chest guard, then stay close to him inside of kicking range. He won%26#039;t know what to do. Then wrap your arms around his waist, pull toward you while pushing your chest forward. take him down and get the mount position. Next put your hands palm up inside his gi as far as you can go, cris-crossong your arms making a x with them (one above, one below). Wring your wrists and pull your elbows in towards your chest. He should tap in about 2 seconds. Let me know how it works out. GL|||Use your speed to your advantage be quick get in there quick do your technique and move around quick so your opponent won%26#039;t have time to use a technique. |||Be quicker than the taller opponent seeing you have a height disadvantage, when he kicks dodge it and counter. Good Luck|||Same as you do when you%26#039;re tall......?|||get your speed up

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