Saturday, May 15, 2010

How often should I train for taekwondo to get good!?

I train once a week at the class, what sort of time should I put in to train at home?|||One day a week at class is really not enough.

As for home training, you need to practice your all of your poomse every day until you have them memorized.

Stretch and do cardio training and practice your basic kicks and punches.

Shadow spar if you don%26#039;t have a bag at home.

James|||Try getting more than once a week with your instructor. Two to Three times a week is better. Also, at home, try putting in at least an hour to two hours on days that you don%26#039;t have taekwondo. When at home, properly warm up and stretch, then practice what they have taught you. First do shadow boxing, then punch on something like a heavy bag. Do the same with kicks. For kicks such as the side kick, try practicing the technique holding onto something such as a counter. Do the chamber and extend without putting your foot down to increase strength in your leg. Try doing what they do in class. Then stretch again.|||Train for 5 hours a day. Stress balance, flexibility, and leg power.

For Balance place weights down on key stress areas like the knees and elbows and take scrunching steps. For Flexibility sorry bro, but only one way besides stretching (painful) remember the fitness test in gym %26quot;sit and reach%26quot; well its a combo of that and the splits. Have someone slowly push you once you reach your limit, and try not to cry. For leg power ankle weights, running, treading water, and leg press.

give it three months then start technique training.|||the best is always train with your instructor. choose the best instructor. least training with your instructor would be once a week. best would be thrice a week. if you are a varsity, then do it everyday with your instructor.

also, you could get better if you train every day for at least one hour or two. one or two hours of basics or what you have learned during the week. always remember that basics are always the best. roundhouse kicks and doubles wouldn%26#039;t hurt. never forget to stretch a lot. better if you%26#039;ll stretch after every exercise. it will help you relax your muscles, recover your stamina and get air faster and also make you more flexible. eg. 100 running kicks, leg stretch. include to your list bootcamp exercises or power exercises to increase your power. (eg. push ups, leg raises, squats combined with alternate roundhouse kicks, etc...) as you become better you could do drills that involves obstacles like doing flying side kick on a series of vaults.

you could also combine it evasion techniques to make the training more intense. also do line drills to make your form better. do shadow spar. better if you%26#039;ll get a heavy bag and wrap a hogu around it and hit it during your free time.

if you do have a friend that trains with you you could ask him to train with you everyday and be training partners to make things a lot better.

going to the gym could also help you become better. if you are turning into a blackbelt, you got to go to the gym everyday and train at the dojang at the same time. this way, its easy to pass the exams. (i mean, the kukkiwon exam consisting 3 miles in 15 minutes, 100 push ups in 2 minutes, spar and so much more....)

also jog everyday, your stamina is always your foundation. :)|||You should train with an instructor at least twice a week, three times would be better.At home you should train at least that much as well.

Practice is what it takes to build reflexive like responses. Through experience this is the minimal number of hours a week it takes to become somewhat proficient. More is better. |||3 hour everday for 6 day, stretch everyday and meditate after your trainging. Make sure you train hard or else taekwondo would be useless.|||You need to train way more than once a week. Train everyday at home aswell, this should include going through patterns and stretches to improve flexibility.|||WWW.MARTIALARTSANDFITNESSUK.CO.UK|||Stretches, especially leg extention stretches|||every day

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